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Our New Modern Design Single Family Home

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Introducing Our New Modern Design Single Family Home: A Revolution in Prefab Construction

Elevate Your Lifestyle With Unmatched Design and Functionality

If you've been keeping up with Deepblue Smarthouse, you know we're dedicated to bringing the future of home construction to today's market. We've always prided ourselves on providing solutions that are not just efficient and sustainable, but also genuinely stylish and comfortable. And it's time to reveal our latest endeavor: Our New Modern Design Single Family Home.

The Aesthetics

In line with modern design elements, this new model features sleek lines, ample natural light, and an open-concept living area. It's not just a house; it's a home where every element has been carefully curated to enhance day-to-day living. The minimalist approach to design doesn’t just add aesthetic value but also ensures that the space is easy to maintain.

Durable Construction

Built with our light gauge steel frame system, this home is constructed to withstand the tests of time and nature. Steel framing offers numerous advantages over timber, including its superior strength-to-weight ratio, its resistance to termites, rot, and fire, as well as its sustainability as a recyclable material.

Speed and Efficiency

As with all Deepblue Smarthouse models, this modern single-family home is crafted offsite in a controlled factory setting, ensuring quality and reducing waste. This process also dramatically shortens construction time, saving you both time and money. Essentially, your dream home can now be a reality faster than you ever thought possible.

Cost-Effective Solution

Based on the advantages of our Chinese building materials supply chain, this new modern design not only incorporates quality but also cost-effectiveness. Our system helps save up to 50% on material costs, 40% on time, and 30% on labor compared to traditional construction methods.

Energy Efficiency

We're committed to reducing your carbon footprint. The new design incorporates various energy-efficient solutions like advanced insulation systems, solar panel readiness, and energy-efficient windows, to name a few.

Target Audience

This new design appeals to a broad audience, from real estate developers and hospitality business owners to private homeowners seeking a contemporary, cost-efficient living space.


Deepblue Smarthouse continues to revolutionize the prefab housing market. With over 14 years of experience, we're thrilled to introduce this New Modern Design Single Family Home as an addition to our portfolio. If you're in the industry—whether as a developer, builder, or architect—we invite you to experience the benefits of our latest offering. And if you're a private buyer, your dream home just became a lot easier to attain.

For more details and a tour of our new model, contact us today. Experience the future of home building, today.

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