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Luxury modular hotel unit_Glacier for Glamping site

One of the world's highest glamping sites on the Pamir Plateau deploys modular hotel units. Hot sale model for RV park or camping site. It has an observation balcony with a wide field of vision, and the 270° ultra-wide observation glass canopy. A separate mechanical room for A/C and water heater. High insulation value for cold or hot regions.

Name: Glacier


  1. Length:10000mm

  2. Width:3000mm

  3. Hight:3000mm

  4. Area: 27m2

  5. Deck Area: 3m2

  6. Total Area: 30m2

Almost every object in our lives is fabricated efficiently in a factory and is readily available. So why not hotels too? By building our Units in controlled facilities, we can ensure efficiency in terms of time, predictability in terms of cost, and dependability in terms of availability. Cost overruns are a norm in the traditional construction industry, but with DEEPBLUE HOTEL UNITS these surprises do not occur.

Traditionally, the hospitality industry is very volatile. In seasonal markets, hoteliers are pressured to generate their yearly income in a very short time period and are often closed during the off season. What if hoteliers could fluctuate their inventory to adapt to such a circumstance? With DEEPBLUE HOTEL UNITS, this is now possible!

If you are going to buy 5 unit or more in one time, we will provide an impressive discount!

Contact us:[email protected]

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Favor presupuestar 6 unidades puestas en La Guaira, Venezuela


Sep 22, 2022

Cost for 12 units sent to the Philippines 🇵🇭 Zamboanga Del Norte Philippines Port?

Replying to

Lanao del Norte - 320 000 m2 coconut land need 320 such units for retired Scandinavian - 1000 m2 land for each unit. Solar cell driven. Wondering what it will cost? - with or without wheels. [email protected] for more information.

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