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Modern style villas appreciation 6: Kunming House

Updated: May 7, 2022

5 Bedrooms 3 Living rooms 3Bathrooms Double garage Luxuary Villa Total area:365.8sqm

Large family living at its finest!

Designed for the larger family, the Kunming offers a unique mix of private and open lan spaces under the one roof. A vast open plan kitchen, dining and living space brings everyone together, while peaceful retreats for both parents and children are cleverly zoned throughout.

Product parameters:

  1. House Width:12.76m

  2. House Length:18.58m

  3. Ground Floor:214.54㎡

  4. Fisrt Floor:150.26㎡

  5. Total Area:365.8m²

Interior decoration:

SketchUp Model(Some adjustments were made to the original design according to customer requirements):

Materials List:

1.Main Steel Structure System:

  • Steel Frame Wall

  • Roof truss

  • Joist

  • Stairs-indoor

  • Accessories (screws, bearers etc..)

2. Roofing System:

  • Batten (steel purline)

  • Vapor barrior

  • Water-proof layer

  • Roofing tile

  • Soffit

  • Fascia Board

  • Gutter with downpipe

3. Wall system

  • Ext.Layer

  • Wall batten

  • Vapor barrior

  • Extra insulation

  • Insulation

  • Lining

  • Skirting

4. Ceiling System

  • Ceiling batten

  • Dry Area Ceiling

  • Wet Area Ceiling

  • Corner line

  • Insulation

5. Floor System

  • Underneath of first floor

  • Flooring

  • Pillars for Blacony/Veranda

6. Windows and Doors

  • Standards: Australian Standard, American Standard, CE Standard, Normal....

  • Type of Windows: Alu/PVC frame, Single/ Double/Triple,Thermal break,Awning, Sliding, Casement, Fixed, Double hung, Skylight, Tilt&Turn....

  • Type of External Doors: Steel Securit Door,Normal rolling shutter garage Door,Aluminum panel with glass garage door,AU-Alum. double glass Sliding/Casement/Bi-fold Door,CE-thermal break alum. double glass bi-fold/ casement door,Normal Alum. double glass casment/sliding Door...

  • Type of Internal Doors: Melamine film MDF casement/pocket/bi-fold door, 2 pac Painted MDF door, Plywood Door...

7. Electrical And Plumbing System For Standard House

  • According to your local regulations and code


  • Kitchen (Cabinet/countertop/cupboard/sink/faucet)

  • Wardrobe/closet

  • Handrail

  • Shower

  • Vanity Set

  • Toilet

  • BathTub

For more information please contact us


Tel: +86-574-83066356


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Giorgio Bellini
Giorgio Bellini

Good morning please could you quote exactly the total costs including building tax shipping costs of the Kunming house as you shown in Italy? Thanks in advance you can mail me at [email protected]. regards Giorgio Bellini


talal jamjoom
talal jamjoom

how to build it overseas ??.

where Is the heating and cooling system .?? fire safety .

windows frame is it possible to be PVC. . cost ??

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