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Saint Lucia Villa 2104#

Saint Lucia Villa 2104#

3 Bedroom 2Living 1 Kitchen 3 Bath 2 Garage 536㎡


Saint Lucia, a country in the Caribbean area, is a holiday resort with abundant sunshine and beautiful scenery.

This building is a luxurious sea-view villa in Saint Lucia, with a total construction area of 422 sqm.

The building has three floors. The large glass folding door on the ground floor leads to the outdoor activity area, which is surrounded by frameless glass guardrails. There is a large terrace, a swimming pool, and an outdoor fireplace. It is a perfect environment for outdoor parties and banquets.

The open kitchen and dining room can be used for daily cooking, and can also meet the needs of many people's banquets. The stairs are behind the washroom, with side-hung frameless glass guardrails. Inside, there is a guest with an ensuite.

The master bedroom is on the first floor, with an ensuite and a large walk-in closet of 12 sqm. The master bedroom leads two different balconies through the large glass doors. The office with an ensuite is separated from the master bedroom by the staircase, forming a private space.

The third floor is a 105 sqm large roof terrace, some of which are covered with a roof, and can be used as an activity area whether it rains or not.

The whole building is well arranged, with good daylighting and sufficient public activity areas. It is an excellent model of villa design.

01 Model:  Saint Lucia Villa
02 Size: 22554×13845mm
03 Grond floor area: 258 ㎡
04 First floor area: 210 ㎡
05 Second floor area: 68 ㎡
06 Total area: 536㎡


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