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Glacier R5

Glacier R5

1Bedroom 1Bathroom 1Bar counter 29.1㎡


Introducing the Glacier R5: Where Nature and Innovation Harmonize

Designed and Crafted by DEEPBLUE


Product Overview:
Experience a harmonious blend of modern living and nature with the Glacier R5, a visionary creation by the innovators at DEEPBLUE. Merging cutting-edge design, functionality, and eco-conscious principles, the Glacier R5 isn't just a dwelling—it's an invitation to immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world.

Dimensions and Space:
The Glacier R5 boasts impressive dimensions, measuring 9100mm in length, 3200mm in width, and 3350mm in height. Within this carefully designed space, you'll find a generous 29.1 square meters of living area, thoughtfully curated for the comfort of two occupants. Whether you're seeking a serene forest retreat, a lakeside haven, or a cozy backyard sanctuary, the Glacier R5 seamlessly integrates with nature.

The Glacier R5, born from DEEPBLUE's innovation and craftsmanship, redefines the boundaries of modern living. It is an ode to nature and sustainability, offering an intimate connection with the great outdoors. Whether you desire a woodland escape, a lakeside haven, or a garden sanctuary, the Glacier R5 awaits, where DEEPBLUE's expertise meets your desire to commune with nature.

Product model: Glacier R5
Overall dimensions (L*W*H): 9100*3200*3350mm
Area: 29.1㎡
Number of occupancy: 2 people
Total net weight: ≈8 tons

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