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1 Bedroom 2 Bath 2 Living 2 Kitchen 178.9㎡


Welcome to the project introduction of a beautiful villa designed and manufactured by DeepBlue SmartHouse, using light steel frame house technology.

This villa is a stunning 1-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-living, 3-kitchen home, spanning over an area of 178.9㎡. The model for this villa is DP-V15-212 and the size of the house is 10710×9710mm.

The ground floor of this villa comprises a spacious living room measuring 35.82sq.m, a bathroom of 3.47sq.m, a kitchen of 6.18sq.m, a dining room of 11.69sq.m, a corridor of 4.90sq.m, and a study room of 8.13sq.m. The total area of the ground floor is 70.19sq.m with a building area of 89.45sq.m.

The first floor of this villa features a large bedroom of 22.69sq.m, a corridor of 4.76sq.m, a bathroom of 11.50sq.m, a kitchen of 10.07sq.m, a dining room of 13.18sq.m, and two terraces measuring 5.25sq.m and 6.35sq.m respectively. The total area of the first floor is 73.80sq.m with a building area of 89.45sq.m.

The villa comes with various fittings like toilets, washbasins, showers, and kitchens,  provide a comfortable living experience.

The lifetime of this villa is estimated to be around 80 years, and it is built to withstand extreme weather conditions. DeepBlue SmartHouse is the proud supplier of this villa, and their expertise in building smart homes with light steel frame technology is evident in every aspect of this project.

In conclusion, this villa is a perfect example of luxury, comfort, and durability. With a modern design and top-quality fittings, it is the perfect place to call home for those who appreciate elegance and sophistication.

01 Model:  DP-V15-212
02 Size: 10710×9710mm
03 Ground floor area: 89.4㎡
04 First floor area: 89.4㎡
05 Total area: 178.8㎡




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