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Queensland Tiny Homes ReadyTo Ship

Queensland Tiny Homes ReadyTo Ship

1Bedroom 1Bathroom 1Living 1Kitchen 18.8㎡

Introducing the Queensland Tiny House, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's latest addition to the world of mobile living. This model offers a refreshing take compared to its predecessors, featuring larger, more luminous windows and a subtle lengthening for added comfort. Unlike previous designs, the loft has been eliminated, with the bedroom conveniently relocated to the ground floor for enhanced accessibility and space optimization.


Externally, the Queensland Tiny House showcases Al-Mg-Mn alloy sheets for its exterior walls, elevating both durability and visual appeal. Since its debut, this model has surged in popularity within the Australian market, praised for its contemporary aesthetic and practical layout.

Crafted with top-tier materials, the Queensland Tiny House guarantees exceptional quality and comfort. The external wall system comprises either a 14mm pre-painted PU layer or 0.8mm Al-Mg-Mn metal cladding, ensuring resilience against the elements. Internal walls feature 8mm integrated wall panels for a seamless finish, complemented by 80mm plywood skirting in dry areas.

With dimensions of 2.35 by 8 meters, the Queensland Tiny Homes Ready to Ship, undergoes assembly and finishing at the DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE factory, guaranteeing precision and quality assurance. Its compact size makes it an ideal candidate for convenient shipping in standard-sized containers.


Discover the epitome of modern mobile living with the Queensland Tiny House—a fusion of style, functionality, and superior craftsmanship, poised to accompany you on your next journey.

Name: Queensland Tiny House
Total area: 18.8m²
Deck area: 15.81m²
Size: 18.8m
Hight: 3.8m
Project location: Australia