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Seven Hills Villa Lot 1

Seven Hills Villa Lot 1

5 Bedroom  4Bath 2Living 1Kitchen 1Garage 374㎡


The Seven Hills Villa Lot 1 and Lot 2 are two separate 2-storey residential villas located in Australia. Both villas were completed in February 2022 and feature spacious dimensions of 24116mm in length and 9100mm in width, providing a total living area of 374㎡. The villas were manufactured and supplied by DeepBlue, a reputable provider of light steel frame homes. The use of light steel frames in construction provides numerous benefits, including increased durability, strength, and energy efficiency, ensuring that residents of Seven Hills Villa Lot 1 and Lot 2 can enjoy a high-quality and sustainable living environment.

DeepBlue Smarthouse provides both design and production technology for building construction. As a provider of light steel frame homes, DeepBlue is dedicated to delivering high-quality and sustainable living solutions for its clients. With its advanced building technology and experienced design team, DeepBlue is able to offer customized and cost-effective building solutions to meet the specific needs of each project. Whether you are looking to construct a residential villa or a commercial building, DeepBlue Smarthouse is the ideal partner for all your building needs.


01 Name: Seven Hills Villa Lot 1
02 Type: 2 storey Villa
03 Project date: 2022/2
04 Project location: Australia 
05 Length: 24116mm
06 Width: 9100mm
07 Area: 374㎡
08 Supplier: DeepBlue


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