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2 Livng 2Kitchen 7 Bedroom 7 Bath   450㎡


The Vienna House is a magnificent double-row villa designed and manufactured by DeepBlue Smarthouse using light steel frame house technology. This stunning home spans an impressive 450 square meters and is located in Ningbo, with a project completion date of October 2020.


This unique villa is designed to be a duplex, with two adjoining homes that have separate entrances and shared walls. However, to ensure privacy and a sense of individuality for the residents, the designer has positioned the two houses' front doors in different directions, allowing them to coexist without disturbing each other's privacy.


The ground floor of the Vienna House has a spacious living room and a modern kitchen, providing ample space for relaxation and entertainment. The first floor is equipped with seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, providing a comfortable and private space for the residents.


The Vienna House is built with light steel frame house technology, which offers superior durability, flexibility, and energy efficiency. This material is also easy to assemble and disassemble, making it an excellent choice for construction in challenging or remote locations.


Overall, the Vienna House is a prime example of DeepBlue Smarthouse's commitment to providing high-quality and innovative housing solutions to meet the needs of modern homeowners.


DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE has been specializing in the production and manufacture of light steel houses for 14 years, and has rich industry experience and a strong factory. Our team of professional designers and personnel ensures high-quality and efficient construction of each project. Whether you are looking for a compact and efficient home or a spacious and luxurious villa, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE has a solution to meet your needs.

01 Model: Vienna House
02 Size: 17400×13630mm
03 Ground Floor Area:  235 ㎡
04 First Floor Area:   215 ㎡
05 Total area: 450 ㎡
06 Supplier: DeepBlue
07 Project location: Ningbo
08 Project date: 2020/10






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