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Building Tiny house on trailer  

Discover the Freedom of Tiny House Living with Our DIY Package

Imagine waking up in a cozy, beautifully designed tiny house on wheels, parked wherever your heart desires. Whether it's a peaceful lakeside, a scenic mountain view, or even your own backyard, our DIY Tiny House on Wheels package makes it possible. At DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE, we provide everything you need to build your dream tiny home, empowering you to create a space that's uniquely yours.

Why Choose Our DIY Tiny House Package?

🔨 Complete Kit: Everything you need to build your tiny home, from frame to finish

🌿 Eco-Friendly Materials: Sustainable options for a greener future

💡 Smart Design: Maximize space with our ingenious floor plans

💪 Empowering Experience: Learn valuable skills while building your dream home

💰 Cost-Effective: Save thousands compared to pre-built tiny homes

What's Included in Our DIY Package?

Comprehensive Building Plans

Receive detailed architectural plans that guide you step-by-step through the construction process. Our plans are designed for simplicity and ease of use, even if you have little to no building experience.

High-Quality Materials

We provide all the materials needed to build your tiny house, including:

1 / Light Gauge Steel Frame

Durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly.

2 / Insulation and Roofing Materials

Ensure your home is energy-efficient and weather-resistant.

3 /Windows and Doors,Bathroom

High-quality fittings for security and aesthetics.​

Bathroom: Shower and Wash basin with faucet

4 / Trailers

High-quality trailer for tiny house on wheels

5 / Breaker system

AS/NZS ,UL, CSA standard breaker system

6 / Finishing Materials and MEP

AS/NZS ,UL, CSA standard Building materials and MEP.

Tiny home on wheels Materials Spec.

As we build more and more tiny homes we are starting to develop a selection of materials and components that work well in tiny house construction, these have become our standard options. As a tiny house supplier, we are always open to exploring new and alternative materials with our clients. What we look for are materials that are high-quality, light-weight, 'tried-and-tested', are readily available in different countries, have the lowest possible environmental impact, and come with a lengthy durability. If you know of any great products we should be using then please get in touch. Tiny house on wheels China. The following is a list of our current standard materials:

tiny house trailer


Our tiny homes are built onto trailers made by ourselves. They are fully road legal. We go into depth about our trailers in more detail here, covering the componentry included, such as the jacks and the braking system. Also can customized based on customer’s requirements from different countries.

tinyhouse steel frame


We exclusively use steel framing to build our tiny homes. Steel is stronger, straighter, and crucially - lighter than traditional timber framing. Our steel is manufactured by CNC machine which is imported from New Zealand. Due to the accuracy of roll forming technology, there is extremely low waste, as all metal is cut to length in the factory, and steel is 100% recyclable. The lifespan of light steel frame can be 100 years.

LIVING room of tiny house


We use a new green, environmental-protecting materials as internal wall panel-laminated wall panel. It is light, water-proof, pre-finished and easy to clean. We supply various kinds of patterns and colors to choose, matte or glossy, pure or textured.

tinyhouse insulation


For the walls and ceilings, we use high-performance glasswool as insulation. It has an R rating of 2.5~5 for the ceiling and the walls. It is widely used by light steel prefab building industry and has excellent soundproofing and thermal properties.



We use made-to-measure aluminium double glazed window. All glass is toughened for road safety, and all windows are laminated on the external face. If you would like the best thermal performance for your tiny home, we can upgrade the Aluminium to be thermally broken, and you can even consider using a high-performance glass.

interior lining of tiny house


Our most commonly used types of cladding are lightweight metal PU sandwich panel in order to keep the weight down. There are many options for this wall cladding. Also we can use other types of cladding at the clients request for smaller size tiny houses.

prefab light steel frame house.jpg


The roofing,   guttering, and flashing are made from colourbond steel, we use 2 types of roofing profiles, corrugated or clip-lock. Clients can pick from 3 standard colours to customize the look of the tiny house. We also use colorbong steel as gutter. Of course, whether to use gutter for tiny house based on customer’s request. Gutter is optional.



In order to control the weight of tiny house, we use plywood as underneath of flooring. We supply many types of flooring, wooden flooring, laminated flooring, vinyl flooring, etc. It all depends on customer’s preferences.



We build our kitchen carcasses out of 16mm E0 green particle board- it's durable, easy to clean, and light. For the doors and drawer fronts, we use wood grain melamine board. The benchtop is made of quartz stone. We supply a range of colors to choose to suit your whole tiny house.

KITCHEN tiny house


We use high-quality tapware in our kitchens and bathrooms. Our most frequently used vanity is a white free standing vanity. Our kitchen sinks are high quality brushed satin stainless steel. And we supply 2 standard options showers, shower tray with curtain, shower cabin.

BATHroom in tiny house


We love using good quality products and the toilet is no exception. You're certainly welcome to specify a different toilet in your custom tiny house. We have experience installing water-less toilet, which is imported from a most famouse composite toilet supplier in Sweden, and even flushing toilets depending on your needs.

LIGHTs in tiny house


We use a variety of lighting in different situations, but we always use quality products from reputable brands. We make sure to select low energy, efficient LED fixtures. If you want to get creative with lighting we can do that too, incorporating recessed stair lighting, or concealed strip lighting to create a dramatic effect.

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