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10 tips for living small from tiny home owners

First, do your research to figure out the ideal kind of tiny house or apartment for you. Ask yourself, realistically, "How tiny is right for you?" If you want to travel often. Buying or building a smaller home on wheels that's 160 square feet or less. That way, it'll be easy to move.If you're considering building a tiny house yourself, make sure to ask other DIY tiny home owners for support and guidance.

To begin your research, check out Tiny House Swoon, Tiny House Design, and Tiny House Blog. If you're doing any construction, be aware of your city's zoning restrictions.

Second,De-clutter and keep only what you love."Living minimally doesn’t mean depriving yourself," Stephens says. "Keep your absolute most favorite things, and design around them."

Third,Add wall-mounted shelves to display and store your things.Wall shelves are an easy way to open up a room, Stephens and Parsons say, since they free up floor space. Be careful not to clutter the shelves with lots of stuff, though

Fouth,Invest in multi-functional furniture and accessories.For example, staircase functions a seat, storage chest, bookshelf, and closet. And when the sliding door to the bathroom is closed, it reveals a hidden pantry.

Fifth,Choose light colors. Interior designer Jacqueline Schmidt, who lives in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, advises using a white or light color palette. White walls and decor brighten up a space and make it feel larger, she says. Try to stay away from dark woods, too. Sixth,Install a wall bed.If you only put down the bed when it's time to sleep, you have a lot more floor space during the day, Schmidt says.

Seventh,Hang a large mirror in the main living space. Large mirrors give the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is, Schmidt says

Eighth,Stack your clothes and towels in long, narrow piles.To maximize space in your dresser, Schmidt says it's best to fold your items strategically. By folding them length-wise and making them as narrow as possible, you can stack more piles next to each other, she says.

It's also a good idea to use micro-fiber, waffle-weave towels, since they're thinner than most regular bath towels but just as absorbent.

Ninth,Hang out with friends and neighbors outside your home.Living in a tiny home can make you feel claustrophobic at times, and only makes sense if you like to spend time outside.

Last,Fully embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Living a minimalist lifestyle takes commitment, but it's best to start by just jumping in

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