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DEEPBLUE Steel Frame as a leading supplier of light gauge steel homes in China, our systems ensure that you always receive steel roof trusses of the highest standard. These trusses can be customized to fit a variety of architectural configurations with remarkable accuracy down to a single millimeter, providing an unrivaled level of finish to any project. One of the outstanding advantages of steel is its lightweight nature, weighing only 50% of timber. Dynamic Steel Frame's roof trusses are not only long-spanning but also light to install. If you prioritize flexibility and durability for your roof frame, look no further than our steel roof trusses. DEEPBLUE Steel Frame ensures that your roofing solution will stand the test of time while meeting you



Steel roof trusses provide many benefits to both the builder and the occupant. If you’re looking for a reason to choose steel for your next roof trussing project, consider the following: Non-combustible – steel’s 100% non-combustibility drastically reduces the amount of combustible material in the roof, greatly enhancing the safety of any structure. Lightweight – the metal’s lightweight formula makes it a dream to transport and install. Rigid – despite its lightness, steel offers remarkable rigidity, increasing span and reducing the need for bulk in the roof.


DeepBlue Steel Frame is a preferred choice for construction due to its numerous advantages. The steel frame construction offers exceptional strength and durability, making it highly resistant to earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, and other external forces. It allows for greater design flexibility, enabling architects and builders to create unique and innovative structures.

Moreover, DeepBlue Steel Frame provides faster construction times, reducing project timelines and costs. Its lightweight nature makes it easier to transport and handle on-site. The use of steel also promotes environmental sustainability, as it is a recyclable material.

Overall, DeepBlue Steel Frame represents a smart and sustainable choice for constructing safe, cost-effective, and visually appealing buildings.

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