Prefab Light Steel Frame Building 

The DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE light steel frame system helps you deliver large scale cold formed steel (CFS) construction projects faster with its advanced steel framing automated process.


The light metallic structure requires a considerably reduced execution time compared to the classic structure.

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Easy to execute any kind of building regardless of the field of activity that will be intended for.


INSTALLATION in ANY SEASONDue to the fact that the light steel structure is pre-assembled, it can be installed in cold seasons too, without special measures.

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FIRE and EARTHQUAKE PROOFAs there are aspects to be taken into consideration, the elements provided have certifications and tests on them.


THERMAL and PHONIC COMFORTWall systems with the highest thermal and sound insulation values, according to the obtained certifications.


BEST PRICE / QUALITY RATIOConsidering that these type of constructions require lower maintenance costs and their durability over time, it results in the best price-quality ratio.

Looking To Build With Steel?

We partner with our clients to design and supply  framing for successful construction projects – from residential to commercial, aged care to schools, here at DEEPBLUE, we have over 13 years’ experience in light gauge steel pre-fabrication.


View Our Recent Projects

Steel is the material of choice for future-thinking builders and developers. View our recent projects to discover why so many builders and developers are choosing to build with steel.

When It Comes to Light Gauge Steel, Think DeepBlue.

Clear, consistent communication, a laser-like focus on the customer, and steel framing solutions that stand up to every job.


Project design

With the guiding principle of fashion, applicability, environmental protection, energy conservation, sustainable development, forward-looking, we pursue the integration of modern and classic, integrate modern technology and human elements, create diversified and highly characteristic buildings, light up the living space, and promote the influential modern life and work style.

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Cost estimation

Estimation according to the architect drawing, including the light steel structures, exterior material, interior finish materials, electric and plumbing, facilities, etc. To provide a clear idea of the material cost with the freight arrive at construction site.

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Structural engineering

Structure design and engineering of light steel frame according to the architect design for manufacturing, provide engineering drawing and calculation report for consent. Comply with the design code: AISI S100 North America AS/NZS 4600 Australian/New Zealand Standard BS 5950-5 UK Standard ENV1993-1-3 means Euro code 3

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Using FrameCAD system and processing equipment, each part is automatically processed, and assembled into panels by skilled workers, which shortens the delivery time and promotes the construction speed of the project. Automatic processing of components ensures accuracy and avoid installation problems. Our annually capacity of light steel frame house is 100 million square meters. 

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Deepblue has a complete supply chain system, high requirements for materials, strict supplier audit system and QC standards, committed to finding high-quality materials for customers, and meet the requirements of certifications. To reduce costs and bring convenience to customers’ projects.

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Container loading simulation before the booking to save the freight. Properly pack and fix the components in the container to resist from the corrosion and damages. Serie number marked on each part to help the assembly work.

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