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Discover the Future of Housing with Deepblue Smarthouse, your trusted partner in innovative modular and manufactured homes. With over 14 years of expertise, we are pioneers in providing modern construction solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.


Exceptional Quality

Advanced Light Gauge Steel Frame System

Fast Construction and Assembly

Compliance with International Standards

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Customizable Designs

Cost-Effective Solutions




DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE is your access to a custom manufacturing facility with the capacity to produce your modular lodging buildings—40,000 square foot, indoor, climate-controlled operation, strategically located in China. With more than 13 years of modular building experience, we exceed our customer expectations in industry, environmentally Green and LEED design standards.


DEEPBLUE builds modular commercial buildings, prefabricated modular motel, hotel, and lodging units from your concept to building site in half the time. Other designs include modular school and classroom buildings, modular homes and multifamily modular buildings.

modular hotel unit

Modur home for hotels

No contracts. No obligations. The GLACIER  by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE  is a modern living solution requiring absolutely nothing from the “grid.” All of the utilities you need are integrated and completely autonomous, including water, electricity, heating and wifi. A smart device is all that is required to monitor and manage your living experience. The perfect fusion of technology and design, The GLACIER provides you with the flexibility to live independently and free.

Constructed from only the most premium materials, the quality of the build and the nature-friendly design create a luxurious and
environmentally sensitive living space. The Glacier offers you the most advanced conveniences of modern life together with the smallest ecological footprint.

Truly ahead of its time, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE’s vision represents the future of sustainable living and harmonious comfort. The GLACIER  by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE sets a new living standard for all forward-thinking people.


Contact us now to discuss your upcoming project and how we can save you time and money.
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