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The best Light Gauge Steel Framing System Prefabricated  homes Manufacturer China

For over a decade, our company has been offering prefabricated homes using Light steel frame Systems to clients globally. Our portfolio includes a range of structures such as luxury villas, townhouses, single and multi-family homes, apartments, commercial buildings, military barracks, and college dormitories. We offer a complete package of light steel frames, wall panels, joists, and roof trusses to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Our company serves a wide variety of clients and has provided prefabricated homes utilizing light gauge steel framing systems to clients in a wide range of countries around the world, including the United States, South Africa, Germany, France, Sweden, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Greece, Spain, and others. This illustrates the versatility and global reach of our company's prefabricated housing solutions. As a result of the wide range of building types and locations served by our company, we have gained a great deal of experience and expertise in the field of prefabricated housing.


Global certification for LGS framing system


Our light gauge steel framing system has received global certification, ensuring that it has been tested and meets the standards for use in buildings worldwide. Our software, manufacturing equipment, and component parts have also undergone rigorous testing and have been independently certified by some of the world's most respected quality assurance organizations, giving our clients confidence in the quality and reliability of our products. These certifications allow us to confidently offer our prefabricated housing solutions to clients anywhere in the world.

Work professionally, live happily


DeepBlue SmartHouse is dedicated to providing high-quality prefabricated housing solutions to its clients. We has advanced production equipment and is managed by a team of skilled professionals who work in a supportive and well-trained environment. DeepBlue SmartHouse is committed to providing excellent customer service and producing products with zero defects, and has a corporate atmosphere that promotes excellence and innovation. We are focused on providing better factories and better products to our customers.

deepblue team
3D dome

Advanced Production Facility


To deliver the highest quality products to our customers, we have invested in a new production workshop. Our advanced equipment and facilities are designed to ensure that our production processes are accurate and in strict compliance with all technical specifications. We maintain strict quality control standards throughout production to ensure that our prefabricated housing solutions meet the highest standards of reliability and performance.



Our company is dedicated to putting the needs of our customers first, and our employees and shareholders are also a top priority. These values are at the core of our corporate culture and guide everything we do. We believe in putting the customer first, working together as a team, embracing change, acting with integrity, showing passion in all that we do, and being committed to excellence. These principles are an integral part of who we are as a company.

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