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Prefab Homes in China, or Prefabricated Homes. Exported over 60 countries since 2009. We are a vibrant, customer-focused prefab homes manufacturer. We manufacture steel house framing systems, prefab hotel units, Affordable housing, light steel homes, prefab homes, prefab houses as well.

Prefabricated homes, also known as prefab homes, are houses that are built offsite in a factory setting and then transported and assembled on the building site. This type of construction is often faster and more efficient than traditional stick-built construction, as the various components of the home are prefabricated and can be quickly assembled on site.

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of prefabricated homes, including prefab homes in China. They offer a range of prefab home designs and customization options to meet the specific needs and preferences of their customers. Prefab homes from DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE are known for their energy efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. They may be a good option for individuals or families looking for an affordable, high-quality home that can be built quickly and easily.

The "Living for Travel" series is a collection of hotels that offer unique experiences to explore different cultures and regions. These hotels feature unique designs, amenities and activities that provide guests with an immersive experience. The "Dome&Tree House" series is a collection of hotels that offer guests the opportunity to stay in a tree house or dome-style accommodation. These accommodations are designed to provide guests with a unique and comfortable stay. Lastly, the "Fun Collection" series is a collection of hotels that offer a variety of fun activities and amenities, such as a pool, spa, fitness center and restaurant. These hotels are designed to provide an enjoyable and entertaining stay for guests.

A frame house
glamping house
tiny house
glamping house 2


This modular and prefab hotel offers a unique and modern take on the traditional mountain chalet. The hotel is composed of prefabricated rooms lined with natural, unfinished plywood and glazed end walls, providing a sleek yet rustic feel. This design allows guests to immerse themselves in nature and truly escape from their daily worries. Guests can also invite their friends and family to join them and explore the forest during the day, or relax and have conversation around the lights at night. With this design, guests can truly enjoy life to the fullest.

Our products offer a variety of options for holiday accommodation, including forest cabins and rectangular boxes. Each type of accommodation comes fully equipped with a bedroom, living room, and bathroom, providing guests with a comfortable and diverse holiday experience. From cozy cabins to modern boxes, we have something to suit everyone's needs.

Tiny house
A frame house for glamping

Our hotel projects for glamping sites include a variety of luxurious accommodations such as cabins, tree houses, yurts, and more. Each accommodation is designed to provide guests with a unique and comfortable stay, allowing them to experience the beauty of nature while still enjoying the comforts of home. Our glamping sites also offer a variety of activities and amenities such as swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, restaurants, and more. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, our glamping sites have something to offer everyone.


After the materials have been delivered to the site, our project will be built using a dry-process construction method to reduce environmental pollution. This type of construction method reduces the amount of water and energy needed for the project, and can usually be completed within one month. This allows us to complete our projects quickly and efficiently, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

twins frame


A frame houses resort
A frame house resort2
A frame houses
interior of hotel
interior A frame house
dome house
dome house interior 2
interior of dome
interior of Domes
outdoor pic
dome house 3D model

Want to escape the hustle and pressure of the city and experience the beauty of nature? This house is a very good choice, with bottom support, with steel columns to support the whole house, like a house in a tree, when you wake up, you can smell the fresh air and hear the sounds of birds.  
1. There is a circular terrace under the house, which is accessed by stairs.
2. The whole house is held up by steel columns.
3. The whole house is made up of many triangles.

A frame houses

NingBo DeepBlue Smarthouse Co.,LTD.

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