Light Steel Framing System 

Pre-fabricated wall, floor joist and roof truss framing using light gauge steel materials: the forward thinking alternative to timber construction.

Using light gauge steel lowers building dead loads and provides a straight, true and accurate framing system.

Framing is fabricated in our  Ningbo,China based factory and delivered direct to site with 3D models and layout plans for easy and fast on site installation by the builder or DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE  recommended installers. Our framing systems are ideal for low to mid rise projects including apartments, townhouses, units, aged care, nursing homes and schools.

816project (1).jpg


  • Straight and true framing

  • Long-span capabilities

  • 3D virtual modelling

  • CNC manufactured components

  • Easy installation on site

  • No straightening of walls

  • Lower labour costs

  • Designed to suit the application

  • Designed to suit the contractor

  • Rust, termite & rot resistan


  • Lightweight construction

  • Reduced floor loads

  • Fast manufacturing

  • Structural steel reduction

  • Weather resistant