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Glacier P5

Glacier P5

1Bedroom 1Bathroom 1Bar counter 31.4㎡


Introducing the Glacier P5: Your Ultimate Retreat

Designed and Crafted by DEEPBLUE

Product Overview:
Elevate your living experience with the Glacier P5, an architectural masterpiece brought to you by DEEPBLUE. This cutting-edge creation redefines the concept of modern living, seamlessly blending aesthetics, functionality, and eco-conscious design. The Glacier P5 is more than just a home; it's a lifestyle.

Dimensions and Space:
The Glacier P5 boasts an impressive footprint, with overall dimensions measuring 9500mm in length, 3300mm in width, and 3200mm in height. Within these dimensions lies a spacious 31.4 square meters of living area, thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to two individuals comfortably. Whether it's a couple's getaway or a minimalist's dream, the Glacier P5 offers the perfect living solution.

The Glacier P5, a product of DEEPBLUE's innovation and craftsmanship, offers the perfect fusion of form and function. This architectural wonder delivers unparalleled living standards, with a focus on innovation, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Whether you seek a modern retreat, a sustainable living solution, or a compact yet luxurious home, the Glacier P5 delivers it all. Step into the future of living, where DEEPBLUE's expertise meets your comfort, in the Glacier P5.

Product model: Glacier P5
Overall dimensions (L*W*H): 9500*3300*3200mm
Area: 31.4㎡
Number of occupancy: Max. to 7 person
Total net weight: ≈7 tons

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