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3bedroom bungalow for family only 26000usd/set

kit home package includes:

Engineered plans Based on AS/NZS 4600 standard engineering plan

Wall Frames All exterior and interior 89mm*41mm thickness from 0.75mm to 1.15mm based on design

Roof Framing Australia standard Engineered roof trusses

89mm*41mm,thickness from 0.75mm to 1.15mm

Fascia Steel fascia board 200mm*25mm

Roofing either high tensile corrugated roofing sheet or asphalt roofing tile

Soffits fiber cement board

Cladding color-bonded cladding or fiber cement board cladding

Guttering Steel gutter with stainless steel downpipe

Window Australia standard alum. Power coated Profile and glass, glazed windows

Front Entry Door Australia standard alum. Power coated Profile and glass, glazed Door

Ceiling Batten Deepblue 22 batten for ceiling

Insulation R2.5 Glass woolto wall, R3.5 Glass wool to ceiling

Interior linings ceiling:


Scotia: PVC scotia mould

Skirting: 80mm PVC Skirting

Shelving :laminated Plywood with rail to rob,

Interior Doors: flat MDF panel door

Door Hardware: hinges, locks,key all included


Toilets: Water-Mark Toilet

Tapware Australia standard

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