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Deepblue Smart House, Introduction to conventional materials

Deepblue, the most advanced building materials and construction solutions provider in China. We provide solutions for most interior and exterior materials, interior decoration materials, one-stop solution for procurement.

Our building materials include:the light steel frame with structure steel (if any), exterior wall panel, roofing, insulation inside wall and ceiling, interior wall & ceiling panel, flooring, doors and windows, electric wiring, plumbing, kitchen (Cabinet, cupboard, sink), bathroom fixtures (shower glass, vanity set, toilet, faucets).In this article we will present several materials that we commonly use in our projects.You can also visit our building materials at this link:

The first is asphalt single ply shingles, which are a reliable and effortless way to cover a variety of terrains, from homes, to places of religious significance, contemporary restaurants as well as holiday resorts. Even the harsh conditions of summer do not fade it, as it takes advantage of them. As well as providing a comfortable shelter, this achieves an enhanced aesthetic for a variety of housing designs. It also complies with the requirement to protect roads, replacing deteriorating asphalt on streets and highways, as it reduces the surface temperature compared to other roof tiles when there is excessive heat build-up in different areas, thus reducing the costs associated with this.

Ceramic Tile is an essential building material in a home, you can use it on the floor to increase the overall light reflectivity and brightness of the house, as well as on the floor and walls of wet areas to protect them from moisture and water.A good ceramic tile that also reflects the overall style of the house and adds to the aesthetic.

The bathroom is also a very important part of a home. Imagine being able to end or start the day with a hot shower in a high-end shower room.We offer a full range of bathroom accessories, vanities, toilets, showers... And different kinds, styles and standards for these facilities. Watermark, CE...

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