Modern style villas appreciation 7: Bern House

4Bedrooms 4Living rooms 4Bathrooms Double garage Luxuary Villa Total area:352.06sqm

The Bern has a much to crow about, as designer elements of exceptional value all come together in a sublime fusion that creates the perfect family home. This design provides a great mix of private and communal spaces where entertaining will be an absolute must as you liaise between the seamless inside and outside areas.

Product parameters:

  1. House Width:13.09m

  2. House Length:19.08m

  3. Ground Floor:190.91㎡

  4. Fisrt Floor:161.15㎡

  5. Total Area:352.06m²

Interior decoration:

Materials List:

1.Main Steel Structure System:
Steel Frame Wall
Roof truss
Accessories (screws, bearers etc..)

2. Roofing System:
Batten (steel purline)
Vapor barrior
Water-proof layer
Roofing tile
Fascia Board
Gutter with downpipe

3. Wall system
Wall batten
Vapor barrior
Extra insulation

4. Ceiling System
Ceiling batten
Dry Area Ceiling