One-stop solution for a wide range of building materials

Updated: Mar 16

Deepblue Smarthous Co., Ltd. provides the one-stop building materials solution, to supply a package with all exterior and finishing materials, kitchen and bathroom fixtures for particular developments, or mass supply to the distributors.

One-stop service will reduce the works of the building contractors, developers, and distributors of building materials. They will be able to get all the required materials from one supplier like Deepblue, instead of purchasing the material from tens of suppliers, or spending weeks in the markets.

Deepblue has developed a stable and efficient supply chain, only working with qualified or certified suppliers, with reasonable costs and high-ranked quality.

Light steel frame structure


Exterior wall cladding


Interior wall & ceiling panel, flooring

Exterior deck flooring

Glass doors & windows

Garage door

Interior doors

Glass railing

Customized stairs

Electric wiring & plumbing & drainage

Kitchen fixtures

Bathroom fixtures

For further styles and specifications, please contact us!

Link to the webpage of materials:

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