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4 Reasons Prefabrication is Here to Stay

2020 forced industry change due to challenges that the pandemic brought such as labor shortages, and tighter budgets & timelines. Prefabrication solves these industry challenges. This BuildSteel article explains 4 reasons why Prefab is here to stay.

The Steel Framing Advantage

Cold-formed steel (CFS) leads the way as the preferred framing material for prefabricated structures for multiple reasons. CFS is:

  • A pre-engineered material that can be cut to exact lengths

  • Dimensionally stable and does not expand or contract with changes in moisture content

  • Lightweight compared to wood and concrete

  • Will not warp, split, crack or creep when exposed to the elements

  • Sustainable and 100% recyclable

  • Durable and has a high tensile strength

  • Non-combustible and is a safeguard against fire accidents


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