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45㎡ Cold-formed Steel System Affordable Housings (Multi Residential)

45㎡2 Bedrooms1 Bathroom

This design provides comfortable living in a multi-residential environment. Each unit is self-contained and provides security, privacy, and comfort for families in modest surroundings.


Rapid to construct and durable, this design can be quickly built anywhere in the world using the DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE Cold formed steel System.

The design features:

  • Two-bedroom units

  • Private bathrooms

  • Functional kitchen and open plan dining and living space

  • Courtyards between the units for community interaction.

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Hi, I'm looking at doing a development in Auckland, NZ. Can you explain what materials are used, like the exterior walls, roofing, does it come complete with Kitchen, Bathroom , Plumbing, is all the Electrical Wiring installed. Explain how the Construction process works? How does it get Exported(flat pack, in containers,etc). Is it up to NZ Standards and is there a project that was built in NZ using your concept? Cheers Joseph [email protected]

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