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Advantages Of Light Steel Frames in Construction

The first buildings built in lightweight steel framing(“LSF”) can date back to the early twentieth century, it is the first attempt to replace wood construction which at first was the most popular constructive system. Over decades of years of development, LSF Construction technology has been greatly improved and has been regarded as one of the most exciting developments in the international building industry for the following benefits of itself.

Firstly, it’s cost-effective. The Light steel frame building method is ideal for both good quality and money-saving, it offers an affordable material while ensuring the excellent quality of the final product. Besides, shortening the construction time can reduce the cost, the same as its characteristics of durability and recyclability do.

Secondly, it shortens the construction period. Prefabricated steel parts make it easier to be transported and assembled. Construction can be sped up significantly and even larger projects can be completed much more quickly compared to using more traditional methods. Besides, it does not need highly skilled labor or specialist equipment which saves much cost for owners.

Thirdly, it’s durable. Steel has the strongest resistance to earthquakes, fires, corrosion, storms, termites, etc. The light steel framing does not rot and the protective zinc coating on it which is made to stand the test of time will indeed make the structure last nearly several hundred years.

With a light steel structure as the main load-bearing structure, a series of advantages such as heat preservation and noise reduction, waterproof and moisture-proof, refractory materials have been reflected in its use. It can be predicted that the LSF house can be accepted by an increasing number of people around the world.

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