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Are you in the market for a new townhouse in Burwood, VIC? Look no further than our latest project.

Are you in the market for a new home or investment property? If so, you'll want to read about the success story of a local builder in Burwood, VIC, Australia, who saved over 30% on material costs and labor by using a light steel frame system made by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE.

Vide taken on 22/2/2023

The builder was looking to construct seven townhouses, each with their own unique design and features, but was concerned about the cost of construction. After researching various construction methods, the builder discovered the benefits of using a light steel frame system, which is known for its strength, durability, and energy efficiency.

The builder decided to partner with DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE, a leading manufacturer of light steel frame systems, to complete the project. The results were impressive: not only did the builder save over 30% on material costs and labor, but the construction process was also completed faster and with greater precision compared to traditional building methods.

But that's not all - the light steel frame system also offers numerous benefits to homeowners, including superior thermal insulation, reduced maintenance costs, and increased resistance to pests and fires.

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's light steel frame system is also eco-friendly, as it uses less energy to produce than traditional building materials, and can be recycled at the end of the building's life.

The success of this project is a testament to the benefits of using light steel frame systems for construction, and the expertise of DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE in providing innovative, sustainable solutions for builders and homeowners alike.

So, if you're considering a new home or investment property, consider the benefits of a light steel frame system made by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE. With the potential for significant cost savings and a range of benefits for both builders and homeowners, it's a smart choice for anyone looking to build a high-quality, energy-efficient home.

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