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Assisi house: Simple, plain but luxurious

  • The design of this house is a blend of classic and modern, with a solid-colored log style exterior and an interior with classic furniture and modern lighting effects.

  • Planting plants around the house or on the terrace makes you feel like you are in nature.

  • Large first floor living room with terrace. In good weather you can move the dining room to the terrace.

  • All three bedrooms are on the first floor, with separation of movement.

  • The living room and master bedroom are designed with large glass doors and windows, which can fully receive sunlight and scenery.

Product parameters:

  1. House Width:7m

  2. House Length:14m

  3. Ground Floor:172.58㎡

  4. Total Area:182m²

  5. 1 Living room , 2 Garages , 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom.

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Tel: +86-574-83066356

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