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Australia plans to build 1.2 million new homes in the next five years!

1. The average first-home buyer in Australia will only have enough money to secure a loan by 2049, according to the latest income and price modeling, and wait times for first-home buyers will increase.

2. Buying a home has become more difficult as house prices have outpaced income growth, leaving many young Australians unable to afford hefty down payments.

3. Homebuyers in different states in Australia take different times to save a deposit, with NSW having the toughest and the longest wait time.

4. The Australian government plans to add 1.2 million new housing units in the next five years while introducing rental housing reform measures to solve the housing and rental housing crisis.

5. Rents in Sydney continue to climb, approaching the $1000-a-week level, with some tenants advised to consider moving to regional areas.

6. In Victoria, only 34 percent of residents support the rent cap policy, with the majority saying ensuring an adequate housing supply is more important.

On the whole, the article focuses on the real estate market in Australia, house buying and renting issues, emphasizing the difficulties in buying houses, rising rents, and the government's housing policies.

In order to cope with this situation, the light steel housing system of Deepblue Smarthouse can easily face this dilemma.

1. Lightweight and high-strength: Light-weight steel houses use high-strength light-gauge steel. Compared with traditional concrete or masonry structures, they have lighter weight, but they have sufficient strength to meet the structural requirements of buildings.

2. Rapid construction: Light steel houses use modular or prefabricated components, so the construction speed is relatively fast. After the components are manufactured in the factory, they can be quickly assembled and installed on-site, thus shortening the construction period.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving: Most of the materials used in light steel houses can be recycled, which reduces the consumption of natural resources. In addition, due to the good thermal insulation performance of the light steel structure, energy consumption can be reduced to a certain extent, and energy saving and environmental protection can be realized.

4. Strong adaptability: The flexibility of the light steel structure makes the house design more creative and varied. It is suitable for a variety of different types of architectural styles and uses, including residential, commercial buildings, office buildings and more.

5. Good anti-seismic performance: Light steel structure has good anti-seismic performance, which can provide better protection in natural disasters such as earthquakes.

6. High reliability: The light steel structure has been designed and calculated to ensure its structural reliability and stability within its service life.

7. The construction site is clean: the prefabricated components of the light steel house are manufactured in the factory, which reduces the clutter and waste on site and makes the construction site more tidy.

8. Mobility: Some light steel houses are designed to be mobile, which can be disassembled and reassembled at other locations when needed, increasing flexibility.

It should be noted that although light steel houses have many advantages, local regulations, climatic conditions, and construction requirements still need to be considered when choosing to ensure their applicability in a specific environment.

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