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Benefits and advantages of Light steel frame building system for builders and developers

  • DEEPBLUE is a single-source supplier, backed with a design/engineering team

  • Allows for large spans resulting in more spacious spaces

  • Reduces/eliminates bulkheads: Less thickness of the wall, no columns, to get the max. living area.

  • Results in fewer plan changes and costly mistakes since materials are prefabricated:

High precision of manufacturing and assembly, no deformation of the wall panel.

  • Each detail is planned prior to construction, structural engineering exactly realized the architectural design

  • Reduces schedules, saving time and money

  • Reduces the cost and number of labors needed

  • Creates a cleaner and safer work environment

  • Building Information Modelling reduces measurement/production dilemmas

  • Material weight is reduced

  • Can be constructed in winter

No concrete works of structure, panels are fixed by screws and without wet processing. The construction work of light steel house can be at temperatures below zero

  • Walls are load bearing. Light steel stud yield strength 550Mpa can provide the same load bearing of concrete walls.

  • Easy integration with other building materials. Easy integration with various building materials, and the existing building structure.

  • Prefabricated components – each detail is planned prior to construction

  • DEEPBLUE Systems supports contractors with installation. Installation instruction to show the position and connection of all prefabricated components.

  • No shoring needed with Joist flooring

  • Joists are adjustable to allow for small discrepancies. Joists are adjustable to facilitate the follow-up work.

  • In many cases, contractors secure lower insurance rates, less risk of personal safety.

  • Follow-up trades can start sooner after Joist installation. After installation of joist, the work of first floor can be started immediately.

  • Fast installation, the homeowner can receive the keys sooner. 200sqm building finish in 30 days.

  • Lower cost of ownership with durable materials. Deepblue only cooperates with quality suppliers, to provide the customers with better materials and reasonable costs.

  • Increased fire ratings

  • Highly recyclable content. Steel structure 100% recyclable, envelope 90% recyclable.

  • Resists moisture, pests and rot. Vapor barrier for moisture-proof, structure and building materials are incombustible and flame retardant, corrosion and pests resistant.

  • High acoustic ratings with the Joist flooring system. Floor joist with cavity structure and insulation, better noise reduction performance.

  • Vibration control that exceeds minimum standards. Box structure with K-bracket provides the best stability.

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