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Luxury Townhouses in Brisbane,Australia

Area Summary

Site Area 6828m2

Site Cover 3569.50m2

GFA 5631m2

Common Recreation Area 312m2 (see landscape plan)

Deep Planting 997.2m2 (see landscape plan)

Other Landscape Areas (see landscape plan)

Total Landscape Area 1341m2 (see landscape plan)

Designed to maximize space while offering guests optimum comfort, privacy. The units in this design are based on a BIM system, which easily enables the building size to be modified to suit a project.


Rapid to construct and durable, this design can be quickly built anywhere in the world using the DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE CFS System.

The design features:

  • All building materials are AS/NZS / UL /CE Certified for quality and durability

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