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Can you tell me more about your manufacturing and installation instructions?

Our manufacturing and installation process is part of our turnkey offering, which means we provide them in-house, without outsourcing or subcontracting to any third parties. We have a state-of-the-art factory and a professional installation team, who use our advanced equipment and tools to manufacture and install the CFS frames and panels for your project.

Our manufacturing and installation process includes: • Manufacturing: We use CNC machines to cut, bend, punch, and assemble the CFS frames and panels for your project, based on the shop drawings and instructions generated by our software. We also apply the exterior and interior finishes and fittings to the panels, such as cladding, insulation, windows, doors, etc., in our factory. We then label and pack the panels according to the installation sequence, and load them onto trucks for delivery to your site.

• Installation instructions: The installation instructions and drawings were provided by us. We also pre-punch the service holes for the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems to the panels. Our manufacturing and installation instructions can significantly reduce the construction time and cost of your project, by up to 50%. It can also improve the quality and performance of your building, as it eliminates many of the errors and defects that may occur in traditional construction methods.

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