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Discover A Frame House: The Light Steel Structure Miracle

Discover Howard Johnson A House: The Resort Hotel Miracle of Deep Blue Smart Homes

Welcome to our blog, today we will introduce you to a unique and exciting housing concept: the Howard Johnson A House. This villa was produced by Deepblue Smarthouse. The unique A-shaped structure is made into a double A-shaped structure, which brings a new definition to the resort hotel.

1. Overview

Dimensions: The volume of Howard Johnson A House is L15000×W9000×H8500mm, which is estimated to be 61.8 square meters.

Floor distribution: The villa is divided into the ground and first floor, each with an area of ​​30.9 square meters, which together form a spacious and comfortable leisure space.

2. Light steel structure

Howard Johnson A House adopts this advanced light steel structure technology. The material is not only light in weight and high in strength, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and stability, and can maintain good condition for a long time. The use of light steel structure makes the villa more durable and able to withstand the challenges of various climatic conditions, providing a reliable guarantee for the continued operation of the resort


3. Advantages

Strength and stability: The light steel structure has excellent strength and stability, which can effectively resist the impact of natural disasters and ensure the safety of accommodation.

Fast construction: Compared with traditional building materials, the construction speed of light steel structures is faster, which can greatly shorten the construction period and improve efficiency.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Light steel materials can be recycled, which reduces the consumption of natural resources. At the same time, due to its lightweight design, it also saves energy transportation costs.

4. Natural integration

The design of Howard Johnson A House focuses on integration with the natural environment. It adopts an open design and large floor-to-ceiling windows to perfectly connect the indoor and outdoor landscapes, allowing guests to fully feel the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Looking for a Light Steel Resort Hotel Manufacturer? Deepblue Smarthouse would be an ideal choice. Howard Johnson A House brings a new experience to resort hotels with its advanced light steel structure technology and perfect integration with nature.


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