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Discover Affordable Living: Tiny House Kits Under $15,000 from DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE

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Tiny House on the wheels kitset in Melbourne.


The growing trend of minimalist living and sustainable housing has led to a surge in popularity for tiny houses. These charming and compact dwellings offer a budget-friendly, eco-conscious alternative to traditional homes. DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE, a leading MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) company based in China, is at the forefront of this revolution with their cost-effective and innovative tiny house kits. Let's delve into how DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's tiny house kits, in conjunction with their China supply chain, ICC-ES certification, and other key features, are redefining the concept of affordable living.

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE: Redefining Affordable Living:

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE has made a significant impact in the construction industry with its forward-thinking approach to housing solutions. Offering a wide array of low-rise buildings, including tiny houses, they are committed to delivering high-quality structures at an affordable price. The integration of light steel frame technology and prefabricated homes ensures precision engineering, durability, and environmental sustainability.

China Supply Chain: Quality and Efficiency at its Best:

With an extensive global supply chain, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE sources top-tier materials at competitive prices. By eliminating middlemen, they pass on significant cost savings to customers. This streamlined process, combined with advanced CNC technology, enables rapid construction and consistent quality control.

ICC-ES Certification: Trust and Credibility:

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE holds the prestigious ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Service) certification. This independent evaluation ensures that their tiny house kits adhere to rigorous standards, including those set by CE, AS/NZS, and other recognized authorities. With ICC-ES approval, customers can rest assured of the safety, performance, and compliance of their tiny homes.

DIY Sets: Empowering the Homeowner:

One of the unique features of DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's tiny house kits is their DIY sets. Designed for the adventurous homeowner, these kits come with comprehensive instructions and pre-cut materials, making assembly an exciting and rewarding experience. This hands-on approach not only reduces labor costs but also fosters a sense of pride in building one's dream home.


DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's tiny house kits under $15,000 are a testament to their commitment to affordability, sustainability, and quality. With their China supply chain, ICC-ES certification, light steel frame technology, and user-friendly DIY sets, they have truly revolutionized affordable living. Whether you're seeking a weekend retreat, a cozy home office, or a minimalist lifestyle, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's tiny house kits offer a remarkable solution to embrace the joys of simple, sustainable living.

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