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How to build a holiday cabin quickly

Deepblue foldable house manufacturing technology is a truly mature product characterized by flexibility and innovative design and solution.

Based on our patented foldable technology, transportation and installation can be done in a very simple and convenient way, to save time, energy and unnecessary expenses.

The foldable cabin is 70% finished in the factory before delivery, in which the structure is completely assembled, wall panel, door and windows are installed, electric wiring and plumbing embedded.

The frame and wall panels are finished in the factory:

Electric wiring and plumbing system are installed before sealing the panels:

Insulated floor:

Triple insulation available for the cold regions:

Fold up after the fabrication is finished:

Load in the 40ft container:

Local works to unfold the house, install the remaining items and finish:

Allow to be moved to other places in one unit:

The foldable house is really an excellent option as permanent or temporary living, quick fit out, flexible design, high insulation level, comfortable finishing, etc.

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