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Elon Musk's Foldable Living: Redefining Modern Architecture

I don’t know how many people still remember that in 2020, Musk announced that he had sold all his real estate and lived in a small house with an area of only 37 square meters in 2021.

What he did at the time, surprised everyone...

What is a "prefabricated house"?

To put it simply, the house is first built and decorated in the factory and then transported to the target location, and it will be a fully assembled house on the ground.

Today, such houses have become popular all over the world, and even the U.S. federal government needs this kind of folding house to solve the housing supply problem of the U.S. military and some cities.

What is the magic of such a prefabricated house?

In a word, it is small but precise

There is a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom, as well as a lot of household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines. Moreover, the ceiling is designed to be very high, and the windows are large enough. The whole space looks spacious and bright, just like a hardcover apartment.

No matter how big the house is to be built, it can easily fit on a truck when folded. Take the folded house below as an example (length 7.95m, width 3.45m)

The folding house of Deepblue Smarthouse is made of light steel, which can prevent fire, insects, and moisture. It has a service life of more than a hundred years and is stronger and more durable than ordinary houses. In addition, the shock resistance and wind resistance are also fully up to standard.

So how much does such a prefab house cost?

Click on the official website of Deepblue Smarthouse to get the latest quotation. The price will definitely surprise you.

WA: +86 133 0669 1792

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