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Homes prefabricated

Everything you need to know about steel prefab homes -1

We supply you with the materials, you co-ordinate the build.

The most affordable way to build your Homes.

Prefab construction isn’t new. Prefab homes have a rich history in the U.S. Amid today’s mounting housing costs and environmental concerns, however, prefab—or assembling a structure from components produced off-site—continues to offer alluring possibilities.

What makes a home prefab?

In traditional residential construction, homes are built on-site and piece by piece—or stick by stick. Custom-designed homes or spec homes in large developments are often called stick builds, earning the moniker thanks to the wood frames that make up the structures.

Deepblue Smarthouse Prefab homes, in contrast, are made from components that are constructed in a factory and then transported to a home lot to be assembled.

The main structure is made of a light gauge steel framing system, the wall panels, floor joists, roof trusses are all pre-engineered and pre-assembled in-door.

Then we ship the full package of housing materials to you from China to your job site.

What kinds of prefab homes can you buy?

Because prefab refers to the process of construction, not a single style, there are many types of prefab homes.

Manufactured homes—sometimes called mobile homes—are constructed completely off-site before delivery; they are the homes you see traveling down the highway on a double-wide trailer. No construction happens on the site, and the quality tends to be lower than other types of homes, so most prefab companies are quick to distinguish themselves from the mobile homeworld.

Modular homes, however, involve making components off-site and then transfering the modules to a plot of land for final installation. Each module usually has all the basics, like plumbing, electrical, doors, and closets—and you can usually connect multiple modules to form a larger house.

you can view our products pages for mobile homes, modular homes etc..

Deepblue SmarthouseKit homes can come in any shape or size and are like an elaborate Ikea bookshelf; pieces are made and cut in a factory and then shipped with instructions to a building site for construction. you can view our online projects for what we have done.


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