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Is it possible to assemble 60sqm cabins within one week? Yes, it's possible.

Here is the video to show you how it works.

Based on Deepblue Smarthouse's patented design, the house can be assembled within one week by 2workers. As you know the most of the jobs have been done in the Deepblue Smarthouse China factory, a few jobs need to be done on-site.

You can call it a prefab house, either a park home or a modular house. Actually, the structure is the same as normal residential. the finishing materials are the same as normal house and townhouse as well.

The only difference is the assembled system. there is nothing different. the engineer report is the same as normal buildings.

It means it's the house. Just because of the price, we can call it an affordable house. the quality is the same as a house.

The main structure is made from a light gauge steel framing system.

the finishing materials such as cladding, lining, bathroom, toilet, flooring, roofing are all same as housing quality.

The house can be built in cold climates such as Sweden, German, etc. but also middle east, Australia, etc.. There is no limitation for the area.

It maybe is a possible solution for the affordable housing crisis solution.

In fact, the United States needs a minimum of 7.2 million more affordable housing units (and potentially as many as 12 million units), according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

pls contact us [email protected] for further information.

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