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Live in the round cabin, touch the nature

A round cabin in the misty forest, from some distance, the dim light revealed some warmth, and calling you back there. Involuntarily, you shifted the direction of your steps and walked towards the yellow light, approaching the perfect destination in your heart.

Diameter: 5m

Height: 3.8m

Total area: 20sqm

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

An easy solution by light steel frame system.

Morning, open the curved sliding doors to the side, breathe the cool and fresh air, feel the smell of grass.

Daytime, activities on the open deck, cabin is the nature.

Evening to night, enjoy the elegant interior finish, good rest.

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1 Comment

tis looks amazing. Can you get a round scree for the round doors? Can we make an access door so you can clean the back of the round pockets for the doors? It is an amazing vacation cabin concept am always so impressed with your company and designs.

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