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The Future of Construction – The Case For Building With Cold Form

Here are a few more tips for you as you explore the modern world of cold-formed steel construction.

To keep ahead in a changing world, more and more landowners, developers, and builders are moving towards cold-formed steel's more modern construction methodology. While the material itself delivers advantages for off-site and modular construction, the real benefits are realized when an integrated end-to-end solution is implemented.

Design-led construction methods use software and manufacturing technology to produce building components with a high degree of accuracy. This approach reduces the input required from engineers and the need for skilled construction labor, which in turn, significantly reduces on-site errors and material wastage. These methods typically feature sophisticated, integrated software platforms that automate the design, engineering, manufacturing and construction processes of a project - meaning the majority of the skill of the project lies in the design and detailing phases of work.

How does design-led construction differ from traditional methods? With traditional construction methods, much of the decision-making happens on-site, relying on the skill of the builder on the job. Using a design-led construction process, the skill moves upstream; decision-making responsibilities are transferred to the designers and are no longer the domain of on-site laborers. Therefore, the size and skill of the on-site construction labor force needed for design-led methods is much less than with traditional building methods. So, how is this possible? The fundamental difference between traditional methods and design-led construction methods is the integration of sophisticated software, which streamlines and connects every step of the design and build process.

the best CFS solutions integrate advanced technologies, with both design and engineering capability, to drive measurable ROI and real business value.

Finally, if you'd like to see if a design-led approach might be right for you, why not take us up on our "Talk To An Expert" offer?

I know you won't be disappointed.

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