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The Power of Prefab: How DeepBlue SmartHouse's Kit Homes Revolutionize the Construction Landscape

light steel frame home  kit home

In a world where DIY culture is flourishing, the appeal of kit homes is undeniable. DeepBlue SmartHouse takes this appeal a notch higher with its innovative approach - "We Frame It, You Finish It." This mantra encapsulates the essence of what makes their kit homes an attractive proposition for aspiring homeowners. By shipping houses as kits, DeepBlue SmartHouse leverages the online purchasing prowess and fulfillment efficiency, while sidestepping the hurdles often associated with offsite construction.

Here's a deeper dive into how this approach by DeepBlue SmartHouse is reshaping the journey from a construction site to a cozy home:

1. DIY or Contractor - The Choice is Yours:

Whether you're a hands-on person who loves a good DIY project or someone who'd prefer hiring a contractor, the flexibility is all yours. You don't need any prior home building experience. The simplicity and precision engineered into the design make it possible for even novices to assemble their abode with ease.

2. Slash Those Labor Costs:

One of the significant cost-savers with DeepBlue SmartHouse's kit homes is the reduction in labor costs. This is achieved through a harmonious blend of thoughtfully chosen building materials and the accuracy of the lightweight steel framing system. The result is a streamlined construction process that's light on your pocket.

3. Quick and Easy Assembly:

Time is of the essence, and nothing echoes this better than the expedited assembly process of DeepBlue's kit homes. The factory-assembled wall and roof panels are engineered for ease of erection, enabling you to transition from a pile of panels to a habitable home in just a few weeks, as opposed to traditional constructions that could drag on for months.

granny flat steel frame
Adu steel frame

4. Cost Control in Your Hands**:

Every step you can manage or build reduces the overall cost of construction. It's a rewarding process that not only saves money but also provides a sense of accomplishment and a personal touch to your new home.

5. Minimized Uncertainty:

Construction projects are often plagued with uncertainties that could potentially escalate costs. DeepBlue SmartHouse alleviates such concerns by providing a curated master materials list, ensuring you have a clear roadmap of what's needed throughout the construction process.

6. A Sustainable Choice:

The eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient design inherent in DeepBlue SmartHouse's kit homes are a nod towards sustainable living, aligning with the growing global consciousness towards environmentally responsible homeownership.

DeepBlue SmartHouse's kit homes are more than just a cost-effective construction solution. They embody a modern, efficient, and flexible approach to homeownership. The "We Frame It, You Finish It" philosophy empowers you to be at the helm of creating your dream dwelling while enjoying the cost benefits and simplicity of prefab construction. Explore the array of kit homes by DeepBlue SmartHouse and embark on a simplified, enjoyable, and rewarding home building journey.

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