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Could "Off-the-Grid" Tiny Home on Wheels be Your Top Income Investment for 2024? A ROI Analysis

tiny house on the wheels
tiny house on the farm

Embracing the Tiny Home Revolution

As a leading prefab home manufacturer, we are at the forefront of innovative housing solutions. Tiny homes on wheels have emerged as not just a lifestyle choice but a smart investment. Let's delve into the Return on Investment (ROI) for these compact, versatile homes.

Why Tiny Homes on Wheels?

Affordability and Flexibility: With the rising cost of traditional housing, tiny homes on wheels offer an affordable and flexible alternative. These homes are designed for 'plug and play' ease, making them convenient for both owners and renters.

Growing Market Demand: The popularity of tiny homes has surged, attracting a diverse range of buyers and renters, from millennials seeking minimalism to retirees looking for a simpler life.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Tiny homes align with global sustainability trends, being more energy-efficient and resource-conservative.

Investment Opportunities and ROI Analysis

1. Rental Market Potential:

- Landed Price: Each tiny home costs $50,000.

- Rental Income: At a weekly rental rate of $350, the annual rental income amounts to $18,200.

- Airbnb Income Potential: For more lucrative returns, consider Airbnb rentals at $200 per night. Assuming a conservative occupancy rate of 50% (182 nights a year), the annual income from Airbnb would be $36,400.

2. Calculating ROI:

- Rental ROI: For standard rentals, the ROI is calculated as (Annual Rental Income / Investment Cost) x 100. This equates to ($18,200 / $50,000) x 100 = 36.4% per annum.

- Airbnb ROI: Similarly, for Airbnb rentals, the ROI would be ($36,400 / $50,000) x 100 = 72.8% per annum.

These figures illustrate the high potential for return on investment, particularly with the Airbnb model.

3. Additional Considerations:

- Maintenance and Operational Costs: While calculating ROI, it's important to factor in maintenance, insurance, and any management fees.

- Location Dependence: The ROI can vary significantly based on location and local demand.

The Deepblue Smarthouse Advantage

Our tiny homes are not just cost-effective; they are also built with the highest quality materials and construction methods, ensuring longevity and sustainability. The 'plug and play' feature of our homes means they can be easily relocated and set up, adding to their investment appeal.

The Future is Compact and Mobile

Tiny homes on wheels are more than a housing solution; they're a smart investment with impressive ROI potential. As the world moves towards more sustainable and flexible living options, these homes represent a significant opportunity for savvy investors.


With the affordability, flexibility, and sustainability of tiny homes on wheels, along with the detailed ROI analysis, it's clear why they are considered top income investments for 2024. At Deepblue Smarthouse, we are excited to offer these innovative solutions, helping investors tap into this lucrative market with our quality prefab homes.


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