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Transform Your Backyard with
Stylish and Efficient Granny Flats  


Welcome to DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE, where innovation meets comfort! Discover our cutting-edge Granny Flats designed to elevate your living space seamlessly. Explore modern construction techniques that redefine the way you experience home.

Key Benefits:

✅ Future-Proof Design: Embrace modern steel framing for unparalleled durability.

💰 Cost-Effective Solutions: Save up to 50% on materials and 30% on labor costs.

⏱ Quick Turnaround: Have your Granny Flat ready within 3 months.


🌟 With 14 years of international business and manufacturing expertise, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE stands as a global leader in innovative residential construction.

How to install the granny flat

Granny flat size

 Get the perfect granny flat that fits your space! Ours are designed to be the smaller home on your property, following council rules with a max area of 60m2.  


Whether you prefer the classic charm of gypsum or the contemporary flair of composited wall panels, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE ensures that your granny flat's interior reflects your vision.

Cost effective

Granny flat installs quickly, saving time and money.Customize different room types according to customer needs


Granny flat kitchen using quartz stone benchtop and 2pac cabinet.transforming your granny flat kitchen into a space that reflects modern sophistication and enduring quality.


Crown your granny flat with excellence using our Colorbond roofing solutions at DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE.


Indulge in a blend of luxury and sustainability with DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's thoughtfully designed granny flat bathrooms. Our commitment to innovation includes incorporating water-saving toilets adorned with a 5-star WaterMark certification.

Choose the granny flat plan or send us the granny flat plans to us

We understand that the prospect of building can be daunting. Our expert team will guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible. Read more to learn about the process of building a Granny Flat and how to get started.



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