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Foldable house 806#

Foldable house 806#

1 Bedroom 1 Living 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom Area:17.4㎡


DEEPBLUE foldable house, with advanced folding technology, has completed about 80% of the pre-installation in the factory, folded and loaded into the container for transportation. After arriving at the site, expand the main structure of the house, simply install the furniture then it can be put into use.

In the cities suffering most from housing shortages—like San Francisco, where a lack of supply helped drive the median cost of a house up to $1.7 million—one part of the challenge is a lack of construction workers. After construction jobs shrank during the recession, many workers switched careers; others have moved, ironically, because of the high cost of housing. 

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE help with flat-pack, sustainable, prefab houses that are designed to be so easy to build that most of the work doesn’t require skilled labor.
Take a deep breath: only natural recyclable materials.
Fastest installation time: 1 week including furniture.
Be creative: flexible layouts for versatile purposes.
Move without stress: easy to ship by truck.
Operational comfort: lay it on any leveled base.
Basically,  "House to Unfold"!

Max. width: 5.8m
Max. Length:11.9m  limited by Container interior dimension. 
Light gauge steel frame system with PU panel insulation.

NO list Parameter
1 Model:  Foldable house 806#
2 House Width: 3000mm
3 House Length: 5800mm
4 Area: 17.4㎡

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