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Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo

Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo

Are you looking to boost your hotel's occupancy rates and provide your guests with an unforgettable stay? Look no further than DEEPBLUE SMART HOUSE's A HOUSe Hotel, a fantastic option that's set to redefine the hospitality experience. With the versatility to serve as both a vacation rental cabin and a hotel, these unique properties at Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo offer an innovative and stylish take on accommodation, thanks to DEEPBLUE SMART HOUSE's expertise in light steel frame house manufacturing.

Spacious Luxury
Each A HOUSe Hotel at Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo is a generous 61.8 square meters in size and boasts four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two living rooms. The layout provides a feeling of spaciousness and comfort, ensuring that your guests have all the room they need to relax and unwind. With dual living rooms, your guests can choose their preferred spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

Innovative Design
These properties are not your typical hotel rooms. Each A HOUSe Hotel is formed by joining two triangular units, creating a unique architectural design that both maximizes space and captures the eye with its modern, creative layout. DEEPBLUE SMART HOUSE's expertise in using light steel frames ensures that these properties are structurally sound and able to accommodate a large number of guests.

Perfect for Various Occasions
A HOUSe Hotels are ideal for both personal vacations and hosting guests, making them a versatile and profitable investment. With four bedrooms and four bathrooms, these properties are designed to accommodate large groups comfortably. The dual living rooms offer plenty of space for various activities, ensuring a memorable stay for your guests.

In conclusion, DEEPBLUE SMART HOUSE's A HOUSe Hotel is an innovative and luxurious option for enhancing your hotel's appeal and guest satisfaction. Whether you are catering to family getaways, group retreats, or contemplating a vacation rental investment, these properties are the epitome of convenience, elegance, and comfort. Consider investing in A HOUSe Hotel by DEEPBLUE SMART HOUSE to elevate your guests' experience and boost your hotel's occupancy rates. With a professional design team, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, top-quality materials, and superi

Model: 3 hotel suites
Side: L15000×W9000×H8500mm
Ground Floor Area: 30.9㎡
First Floor Area: 30.9㎡
Project location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
Total Area: 61.8㎡
DeepBlueProject date: 2023.1