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Queensland Tiny House

Queensland Tiny House

Introducing the Queensland Tiny House – haven with a deck, meticulously crafted by the ingenious minds at DEEPBLUE. Born out of a passion for compact living spaces and a commitment to everyday comfort, our designers have conceived three distinct floor plans, each a testament to creativity and functionality. With a spectrum of colors at your fingertips, clients are invited to infuse their personality into these intimate living spaces.


Distinctive Elements:

1 Living Area: Unveil the versatility of a snug living space, artfully designed to cocoon you in comfort.
1 Kitchen: Discover a compact culinary realm, fully equipped for delightful cooking escapades.
1 Bedroom: Step into a thoughtfully adorned bedroom, your personal sanctuary for tranquil repose.
1 Bathroom: Experience a seamlessly designed bathroom, where functionality meets elegant simplicity.
Unique Specifications:

Name: Queensland Tiny House
Project Site: Australia
Total Area: 26.42m²
Size: 18.8m²
Height: Less than 3.8m, harmoniously blending with the natural surroundings.
Design Odyssey:
Embark on a design odyssey inspired by the allure of small living spaces. DEEPBLUE's architects have sculpted three bespoke floor plans for the Queensland Tiny House, each a manifestation of our commitment to redefining comfort and style. The deck, a poetic extension of your living space, beckons you to commune with nature and elevate your living experience.

Limitless Personalization:
In a world where individuality reigns supreme, our clients wield the power of choice. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors, tailoring your Queensland Tiny House to reflect your unique taste and style. Unleash your imagination and transform your living space into an artful expression of self.

Curiosity Beckons:
For those enticed by the Queensland Tiny House and eager to explore further options, a realm of possibilities awaits. Connect with us via email at [[email protected]], and let the journey to your dream tiny house unfold. Our team is poised to guide you through the nuances of customization and bring your unique vision to life.

Dive into the extraordinary world of Queensland Tiny House – where innovation, style, and the spirit of adventure converge to redefine the essence of living in Australia.

Name: Queensland Tiny House
Total area: 18.8m²
Deck area: 15.81m²
Size: 18.8m
Hight: 3.8m
Project location: Australia


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