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Cider Box Tiny House 2343

Cider Box Tiny House 2343

1 Living 1 Kitchen 2 Bedroom 1 Bath  27.58㎡


Introducing the Orchard Haven Tiny House, a masterful fusion of elegance and practicality, meticulously crafted by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE using state-of-the-art light steel frame technology. Tailored for couples and small families, this compact dwelling redefines modern living with its exquisite design and thoughtful layout.


Generous Interior Layout:
Spanning a total area of 27.58 square meters, the Orchard Haven boasts a spacious interior, comprising a cozy living area, a fully equipped kitchen, two comfortable bedrooms, and a well-appointed bathroom. The clever arrangement ensures ample space for relaxation and everyday living.


Smart Storage Solutions:
Ascend to the sleeping lofts via stylish stairs that double as storage compartments, ensuring efficient use of space and a clutter-free living environment. Every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

Mobility and Convenience:
Designed with portability in mind, the Orchard Haven is compact yet sturdy, making it easy to transport to various locations. With external dimensions of 2.35*7.4 meters and a weight of 3.5 tons, it's an ideal choice for those seeking a flexible living solution that can adapt to different environments.

Versatility in Setting:
Whether nestled in a forest retreat, overlooking a serene lake, or surrounded by the tranquility of nature, the Orchard Haven thrives in diverse settings. Its versatility makes it suitable for use as a travel residence, a cozy retreat in an RV campsite, or even a backyard guesthouse.


Crafted by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE, a trusted leader in light steel frame construction, the Orchard Haven epitomizes quality and innovation. Each tiny home undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure superior craftsmanship and durability, providing peace of mind for residents.


Name: Cider Box Tiny House
Project NO: 2326
Project site: USA
Total area: 25.22㎡
External size: 2.35*7.4m
Internal size: 2.08*7.05m
Total weight: 3.5 tons
Hight: < 4m

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