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Foldable house 802#

Foldable house 802#

1 Bedroom 1 Living 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom Area:36.59㎡


The DEEPBLUE foldable house is a state-of-the-art solution for modern housing needs. With its advanced folding technology, 80% of the pre-installation is completed in the factory, making it easy to transport and set up on site. This smart house is designed to be sustainable, using only natural and recyclable materials. It also offers a fast installation time of just one week, including furniture.

This house is perfect for those who value creativity and versatility, as it offers flexible layout options for various purposes. It can be easily transported by truck, making it ideal for those who value mobility. The house can be set up on any leveled base, providing operational comfort and ease of use. With a maximum width of 5.8 meters and a maximum length of 11.9 meters, the DEEPBLUE foldable house is a great option for those who want a high-quality, sustainable, and functional home.

The house features a light gauge steel frame system with PU panel insulation, providing maximum comfort and durability. It is an innovative solution for housing shortages in cities like San Francisco, where high costs and a lack of skilled labor can make it difficult to find a suitable home. The DEEPBLUE foldable house offers a smart, easy-to-install, and eco-friendly solution for modern housing needs.

NO List Parameter
1 Model:  Foldable house 802#
2 House Width: 3376mm
3 House Length: 10838mm
4 Area: 36.59㎡

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