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Watch Deepblue how to build a house faster

A premium home built in weeks

Single-Family Homes are built fast in Deepblue— really fast. On average, a home comes together in four to eight weeks. That’s up to eight times faster than the industry average. At a time when America faces a single-family home shortage, we believe our model can have a real impact on an ongoing housing crisis.

A lower carbon footprint — and near-zero waste

The building and running of homes produce nearly 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a worsening climate crisis. At Deepblue, this is largely due to our core materials — 70% recycled, light-gauge steel, meaning they are infinitely recyclable. These materials allow us to ditch two huge sources of waste in home building: wood and drywall.

Premium features homeowners covet

We achieve build speed and sustainability records while giving homeowners an unparalleled living experience.

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