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Why the foldable house is a better choice?

Since we have adopted foldable technology in house building for almost 10 years, it has been relatively perfect in the field and is increasingly accepted by our customers. Why should we prefer the foldable house and consider it as a good plan to use as ADU?

Undoubtedly, it is an efficient, affordable, low-cost way to build durable homes. We have made dozens of plans to meet the needs of our clients. As you can see, it can be built as small as 8 sqm in your backyard to solve the housing issue perfectly.

It can be easily folded and packed into the container, and the light steel structure lowers the shipping costs compared with those of traditional mobile and prefab homes. Upon arrival, the house just needs to be “unfolded” and bolted down within 1 hour. It greatly shortens the construction duration, allowing the clients to live as soon as possible and tackle the housing shortage.

When it comes to safety, it shows more advantages than traditional residential buildings. Our homes are resistant to bugs, water, fire, wind, and mold due to the good quality of building materials.

We can predict that foldable light steel houses will be a new trend in real estate development. And all of us should not be too surprised that see a small, sleek, folded-up house appears in our neighborhood’s backyard in the next couple of years.

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