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DeepBlue "Simple and Comfortable" Series - Light Steel Quickly Assembled B&B Hotel

The dark blue "Jianzizai" series of light steel quick-fabricated houses is a house with light steel material as the main structural frame and floor-to-ceiling glass as the main cover. Compared with traditional houses of this type, it is beautiful and atmospheric, anti-seismic, windproof, corrosion-resistant, high-strength, and can be assembled quickly.

The following aspects will introduce the characteristics and advantages of the deep blue light steel rapid assembly house through the following aspects.

1. Fool-style quick assembly

The great advantage of the deepblue "Jianzizai" series houses is the fast installation speed. We adopt the innovative method of industrialized production and modular design, standardize and modularize each component, precisely manufacture and process it according to the specifications, and then package and transport it to the construction site.

Compared with traditional houses of the same kind, this method saves a series of tedious work steps. Therefore, the installation speed of the light steel rapid assembly house is faster, and the construction progress is rapid, which can significantly save time and labor costs.

2.Anti-seismic and anti-corrosion light steel material

Dark blue "Jianzizai" series of light steel quick-assembled houses, the main structure is made of light steel.

Light steel materials have a series of superior characteristics such as high strength, light weight, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and easy processing, and also have excellent shock resistance and weather resistance. These features give unique advantages to light steel rapid assembly houses.

The structural frame of the light steel rapid assembly house has been carefully designed, with excellent stability, and can easily cope with the challenges brought by various natural environments, such as wind and rain, snow pressure and large torsion. It excels in reliability and durability, keeping it stable and solid for a long time.

In addition, the light-steel quick-fabricated house also fully considers the climate and environmental factors in different regions, and can be customized according to customer needs. This flexibility enables the design of each house to match the actual needs of the users, creating a comfortable and safe living environment for the occupants.

All in all, with its superior material properties and careful design, it provides people with a reliable, efficient and durable residential solution, both in terms of construction quality and adaptability.

3.Translucent and beautiful

The dark blue "Jianzizai" series of light steel quick-fabricated houses are covered with large-area floor-to-ceiling double-layer insulating glass, which is more transparent, bright and spacious from the visual effect, and the lighting effect is very good.

In addition, its appearance is also its unique feature. Its appearance is smooth and delicate, presenting a noble and elegant visual enjoyment for people. This well-designed appearance not only makes the house look high-end, but also adds more beauty to the overall building and improves the overall grade of the house.

4.Aesthetic design

The appearance design of the dark blue "Jianzizai" series of light steel quick-assembly houses is very novel and beautiful, with light luxury and minimalist style. For those who like design, it is a new architectural style and artistic expression.

Overall, not only is it superior in structure and function, but its exterior design also endows it with a unique aesthetic and visual appeal. No matter in terms of internal quality or external beauty, this kind of house can create a comfortable and modern living space for people.

5.Plate packing transport

Where people can go, the deep blue "Jianzizai" house can reach it. We use standardized plate components, divide the whole into small parts, and adopt a stacked packaging method. This design not only makes the components smaller and lighter, but also makes freight easier

According to needs, it can be easily carried by manpower, and it is suitable for mountain forests, islands and other places, and geographical restrictions are no longer a problem. It is suitable for various geographical environments such as villa gardens, seaside islands, riverside lakes, mountainous forest areas, desert grasslands, plateau canyons, etc.

6.Ever-changing application scenarios

Dark blue light steel quick assembly house, this modular panel structure is stable and reliable, easy to assemble, and can be changed at will according to user needs. It can be flexibly transformed according to different usage requirements, and can be used as a vacation home, luxury boat house, single apartment, sun room, island hotel, mobile office, outdoor car showroom, new energy service station, solar photovoltaic house, garage, or even security Housing construction in various places such as housing and tool rooms.

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